Healthy Tip: Scrubbing Carrots

I grew up thinking potatoes and carrots needed to be peeled before eating. Somewhere along the way we woke up and realized that potato peel was good for us and we started eating potatoes with the skin on.

So how many of you still peel your carrots? Did you know that peeling carrots is not only unnecessary, but it strips MOST of the nutrition from the carrot!

I use an old Dobie which I’ve retired from dish cleaning duty after it gets too many tears. I usually cycle through them about once a month. You could use any plastic scrubber that fits comfortably in your hand.

Wrap the wetted scrubber around the carrot and simply rub up and down a few times. Then flip it over and do the other end. 10 seconds per carrot, and voila! If you do the whole thing in the sink it goes very fast.


When you’re done, leave the scrubber out to dry and then store it in a plastic baggy under your sink. I use the same scrubber for potatoes, carrots, and parsnips.

Scrubbing carrots is so easy, you’ll never go back to peeling. Making a beef stew the other day I had to clean a pound of carrots. They were pretty thin carrots, and peeling them would have taken me about 10-15 minutes and also would have left me a mess of peels to clean up. Scrubbing them took about 2 minutes and left zero mess.

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