Using foil vs towels to keep food warm

You’ve just pulled something nice and crispy out of the oven, but the rest of your meal isn’t ready. How do you keep it warm? Should you use aluminum foil or a towel to keep your food warm?

If you cover your food with an impermeable material (i.e. something that won’t let steam escape such as aluminum foil), your food will continue to steam inside it’s cover, essentially removing the nice crispy layer you so wanted to sink your teeth into.

Instead use a cloth towel or paper towels, which have tiny holes that let the steam escape. But don’t let it sit there too long, because the towel will start to get moist and as it comes into contact with the food will have a similar effect of reducing the crispness of your food.

I have a huge stack of kitchen towels that I use instead of paper towels. I throw them right into the laundry with my other kitchen towels. I got mine from my brother-in-law but they look just like these kitchen towels on Amazon and they work great!

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