Cod en Papilotte

Serves: 3-4 people
Hands-on time: 20 min
Total time: 35 min

This Cod en Papilotte recipe seems hard at first.  Then you realize that this is the whole meal, there’s nothing else to do but this!  In fact you barely have anything to clean up afterwards.  Wow, what a gift.


  • Several huge handfuls of baby kale, spinach, or supergreens
  • Green cabbage
  • Fennel (optional)
  • 1 lb cod or other thick flaky white fish
  • 1/2 lb or so of mushrooms, shiitake or cremini
  • Lemon
  • Fresh parsley and/or cilantro (optional) or dried
    • Could also use oregano, dill, or tarragon, if you prefer
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil


  • 4 pieces of parchment paper (or foil)
  • basting brush
  • small bowl
  • mandolin
  • medium sharp knife
  • cutting board
  • cookie sheet or baking sheet


  1. Brush oil onto each of the pieces of parchment paper.
  2. Add a large handful of baby greens (the bigger the better — these babies shrink way down during cooking) to each .
  3. Using a mandolin (or sharp knife), shave a 3″ pile of cabbage and divide the pile into four, adding to the growing pile of stuff on the parchments.
  4. If using fennel, do the same as you did with the cabbage, only make a smaller pile, maybe half or so, then add to parchment piles.
  5. Cut the fish into 4 equal portions. Don’t worry about being pretty or even keeping it in one piece, as it will fall apart while cooking anyway. Add a quarter of the fish onto each parchment.
  6. About now you will want to start preheating your oven to 400F.
  7. Squeeze a generous amount of lemon juice onto each piece of fish.  I mean really, a lot of lemon is good here.
  8. Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.
  9. If you have some parsley or cilantro hanging around, chop it up and add a tablespoon or so to each packet.  Otherwise just a dash of dried thyme tastes good.
  10. Drizzle with olive oil.  You can just guess but if you need more structure in your life it’s about a half teaspoon… if that.
  11. Fold up the parchment, end to end, and fold down like you would a paper bag.  Then crumple-fold each end, under the edges of the pouch.
  12. Place on a cookie sheet or baking sheet and put in the oven for 12 minutes.  When done they should come out immediately but can sit on the counter for a few minutes while you set the table, pour the wine, etc.
  13. Put one pouch on each plate, and let each individual person open up their own pouches. Eat directly from the pouch.

Tips and Timesavers

  • The mandolin goes a long way here, shaving several minutes off the prep time.
  • Serve with brown rice if you want to bulk up the portions.  I freeze leftover rice and then toss in the microwave for a hot minute and voila – instant brown rice.
  • You could get pre-shredded cabbage instead of shredding yourself, then omit the fennel unless you can get pre-shredded fennel too (good luck with that).
  • Here’s a video on folding parchment if you need it, but you can wing it, I promise it will turn out just fine.

Nutrition (g)

Sorry no info yet.  Coming soon!

  • Serving Size:
  • Calories:
  • Protein:
  • Fat:
  • Carbs:
  • Fiber:
  • Sugar:


Step 1

Sorry, no photos yet! Are you making this? Take pictures and send them to us and you’ll get credit plus a surprise gift!

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