Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Looking for some easy healthy breakfast ideas?  Here’s my go-to list.  I don’t normally have time to eat breakfast before work, so I’ll often make something easy that I can grab on my way out the door and either eat in the car or at my desk when I get to work.

Overnight Oatmeal

Mueslix Recipes from Quaker Oats

Healthy Commuter Breakfast


Eggs, spinach, and avocado on muffin

This is a little messy but delicious and super-good for you.  Best not to eat this one in the car.

  1. Toast ½ Ezekiel English muffin and spread with ~1/4 avocado (mash with fork).
  2. Fry egg (break the yolk) until cooked through, then slide on top of avocado.
  3. Toss 2 handfuls of spinach into pan, stir until wilted, then slide that on top of egg.
  4. Sprinkle lite shredded cheese on top if desired, or salsa, or some LF sour cream

Egg & Veggie “Muffins”

These are great for making one or two batches on Sunday and stashing in the frig.  Just grab 2 or 3 on your way out the door and eat them in your car, on the train, waiting for the bus, whatever. Better yet, pre-package them in sandwich baggies along with a wet-nap to clean your hands with afterwards.  Put the wet-nap wrapper in the baggie and close it back up to be thrown in the next trash bin you see.

If you prefer being supergreen, use a small reusable container that you can stash in your backpack for the day.

Other Quick Egg-based Recipes

Microwave scrambled eggs

Rub the inside of a ramekin dish with coconut or grapeseed oil.  Break one whole egg and one egg white into the dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add  a teaspoon of water and quickly whisk with a fork.  Microwave for 40 seconds, stopping halfway through to re-scramble.  They should still be a little wet when done because they will continue to cook while cooling off.

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Feta


Smoothies are great for a quick healthy burst of energy, especially if you’re heading for the gym.  But be forewarned, a smoothie will not keep you full until lunch.

Check the smoothie category on this web site for a list of healthy smoothie recipes.

Ideas with Dairy

Cottage Chia Pudding

Mix 2% fat small curd cottage cheese with chia seeds soaked in water, coconut water, or orange juice.  Protein packed and delicious!  For some healthy carb, chop up a half a banana and toss that in as well.

Ideas with Bread

Ezekiel bread is made of sprouted wheat and has a very low gluten and low glycemic index.  That being said it’s chewy and very fiber-y and takes some getting used to.  IMO if you’re gluten sensitive it’s a better option than regular bread or the mostly dry and boring-tasting gluten free bread options you can buy at the supermarket.

Avocado Toast

Toast 1 slice of Ezekiel bread or 1/2 Ezekiel english muffin.  While it’s toasting, slice off a quarter of an avocado and remove the peel.  (Also remove any brown spots or threads if the avocado is getting a tad overripe.)  When toast is done, mash the avocado into the bread with a fork and let cool slightly before eating.

Dad’s Gasthaus Eggs

My Dad often talks about his days in the army, and the food  he and his buddies ate while traveling around Germany and Italy.  One of his strongest memories of breakfast in Germany (aside from the kids drinking beer, which I never completely believed) was what he called “gasthaus eggs.”  I think here in the US they’re called “bird in the hole” or something equally nasty-sounding, but they’re actually quite good and very quick.

Heat up some oil or butter in a small saute pan. While it’s heatin, tear out a small hole from the middle of a slice of bread (about the size of a golf ball).  When the oil is hot, add the slice of bread to the pan and crack an egg into the hole.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper, wait a minute, and flip with a spatula. Turn off the heat and let the egg/bread continue to cook for a minute or so.  Slide onto a plate and cut into quarters.  The egg yoke will soak the bread and you can just scoop each yummy piece into your mouth with a small fork or your fingers.

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