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Is Canola Oil Really Healthy? Maybe not so much.

Canola oil has been touted for years as a healthy alternative to vegetable and peanut oils. But wait, not so fast. Canola oil is extracted from rapeseeds that have been altered through breeding to remove a substance called erucic acid, which was found to be harmful to rats. Most of today’s canola oil is produced from genetically modified rapeseeds owned by the mega-chemical company Monsanto. It is also heavily processed using chemicals. Watch the 5-minute video below to see how canola oil is made.

Obviously everyone has to make their own minds up, but IMO grapeseed oil is a better choice if you’re looking for a neutral-flavored cooking oil. First, I steer clear of genetically modified foods, mainly as a boycott of Monsanto products but also because with so many non-GMO alternatives readily available, why would I not choose the real deal instead? Second, as a healthy choice I avoid processed foods and this is one of the most highly processed ingredients you can buy.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Mexican Baked Tilapia from Chowhound

How to Automate Breakfast and Lunch

Years ago I read Dr. Oz’s book “You: On a Diet.” It’s a great book, check it out on Amazon here.  One of the things I remember from that book was to automate at least one meal per day.  My husband has automated his breakfast by making oatmeal with almond butter and maple syrup.  I generally have a bowl of cereal (Heritage Flakes are my favorite) with 30-calorie almond milk and a half a banana, followed by a hard boiled egg.  By automating this one meal, we don’t even have to think about it. Continue reading “How to Automate Breakfast and Lunch”

Mexican Baked Tilapia from Chowhound

Using foil vs towels to keep food warm

You’ve just pulled something nice and crispy out of the oven, but the rest of your meal isn’t ready. How do you keep it warm? Should you use aluminum foil or a towel to keep your food warm?

If you cover your food with an impermeable material (i.e. something that won’t let steam escape such as aluminum foil), your food will continue to steam inside it’s cover, essentially removing the nice crispy layer you so wanted to sink your teeth into. Continue reading “Using foil vs towels to keep food warm”

Mexican Baked Tilapia from Chowhound

Magically Steamed Green Beans

To make super easy steamed green beans, simply add a small bag of pre-cut and pre-washed green beans to a rice cooker while you are making the rest of your dinner.  Follow the directions on your steamer.  Here’s the one I use.

Result: Beautifully steamed green beans with 30 seconds of effort!

P.S. I recommend setting the timer for 5 minutes less than the instructions, otherwise they come out a tad overdone.

P.P.S. Spend an extra minute trimming off the ends, which can get brown or soft after a few days in the frig. While you’re at it cut the longer ones in half and make them more uniformly sized, insuring they’ll all be cooked to the same doneness.