eMeal Plan Week of Apr 15

Dinners This Week

We start the week off with some fun and easy comforting meals, then go light and quick at the end of the week.  Sausage, chicken and salmon are the main courses, with lots of easy-to-make veggies and a few whole grains to balance it all out.


This delicious one pot sausage and vegetable dish is hugely satisfying and can be made either in a slow cooker or dutch oven.  It also makes excellent leftovers. Continue reading “eMeal Plan Week of Apr 15”

eMeal Plan Week of Apr 08

Meals This Week

This week’s meals are based on the “AIP” (Autoimmune Protocol) diet, which is similar to the paleo diet only more restrictive. The purpose is to eliminate foods that are commonly associated with inflammation, such as gluten, nuts, dairy, etc. After a period of time, the eliminated foods are slowly reintroduced, one at a time,  in order to identify individual food sensitivities.

A lot of people follow my blog and emeal plans because they don’t feel good and want to feel better by eating healthy. If you are one of those people, I challenge you to follow this week’s meal plan and see if you feel better. It has been estimated that close to 50 million Americans have an autoimmune condition.  Even scarier, more than half of those cases are undiagnosed. For more information on AIP, this is a good resource.

[Note: Modifications can be made to any of these meals to make them less restrictive if needed.]

One final note.  This is a new thing for me so I don’t have the inventory of recipes on this web site yet.  Therefore most of the recipes shown below are from other web sites.

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eMeal Plan Week of Mar 25

Dinners This Week

It’s kind of a mixed bag this week with beef stew, a turkey lasagna, one vegetarian dish, and one seafood dish. All of these meals are easy with most of the effort spent on chopping ingredients, which you can do while watching TV or chatting on the phone.  If you have an extra 30+ minutes free on Sunday you could do the chopping in advance and your meals during the week will be super-quick.


This meal could be cooked in the oven as directed in the recipe, or you could use a slow cooker instead.

Red Fork Beef Stew  Continue reading “eMeal Plan Week of Mar 25”

eMeal Plan Week of Mar 18

Dinners This Week

Chicken is the main protein this week, with one night of fish and two nights with no meat. As usual all recipes are gluten free and dairy free.  We don’t have the usual variety of fresh vegetables, but hopefully I made up for it with a variety of ethnic flavors to keep things interesting.

It’s late winter here in the Mid-Atlantic and it’s a tough time of year for produce. But Spring is coming and soon you will see an abundance of early Spring veggies in our recipes. Continue reading “eMeal Plan Week of Mar 18”

eMeal Plan Week of Mar 11

Dinners This Week

Changing things up a bit this week.  Normally we base the plan on building blocks but not this week.  As a result it generates very little in the way of leftovers. However, each meal is fairly simple and for the most part a well-balanced one-dish meal.

I’ve also been conscious about the number of vegetarians who want to take advantage of these meal plans so this week I have included vegetarian options for each meal that has meat.  This is new territory for me so I think there’s room for improvement.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Continue reading “eMeal Plan Week of Mar 11”

eMeal Plan Week of Mar 4

Dinners This Week

We are going for super easy this week, with only one meal (Wednesday) that may edge over the 30 minute mark in terms of hands on time.  Feel free to swap that meal with another night if you need to because of your personal schedule.  This week’s main building block ingredients are my two favorite lean proteins: chicken and shrimp.


This meal takes a while in terms of overall time, but your hands on time will be minimal.  Start the chicken two hours before you want to eat. At the same time chop the veggies and put them in a pot with water to cover. Store the pot in the refrigerator until 15 minutes before meal time. Then drain, add the steamer basket and more water, and cook as directed. Continue reading “eMeal Plan Week of Mar 4”